Original Tampa Mystery Buck
Tampa Mystery BuckRaymond S. Sugden (Nov. 2, 1988 - Jul. 20, 1939) was given the name Tampa by Howard Thurston in 1926. Tampa then toured one of the three Thurston shows (Dante did the second) under the title "Thurston Presents Tampa in Thurston-Kellar Mysteries" with the subhead "Tampa, England's Court Magician." David Price in his book MAGIC wrote of Tampa, "Tampa was a talented magician who appeared at the wrong place in time for success as a great magician. His appearances coincided with the dying days of Vaudeville."

Tampa paper is very difficult to find and this "Mystery Buck" which pictures Tampa in the center with various good luck charms and good wishes surrounding him would most likely be impossible for you to find anywhere else. The back of the bill tells how to redeem it for "Tampa's Famous Professional Genuine Gypsy Fortune Telling Outfit." The bills are also numbered and have "Copyright 1933 R.S. Sugden" printed on them. The Mystery Buck is printed with green ink on white paper and is 6 x 2.5 inches in size.


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