Original Great Raymond Circular Promo Piece
Raymond Circular Promotion PieceThe recent book, "The Great Raymond: Entertainer of Kings - King of Entertainers," is a 350+ page book written by William V. Rauscher and published by David M. Baldwin. It is full of color photos and sells for $150. Raymond posters are priced at more than $1,000 each. All Raymond props, posters, autographs and ephemera have never been in more demand.

Due to a lucky discovery on my part I am able to supply you with an authentic promotional piece from the Raymond show. You can see it pictured here. It is a round (approximately five inches in diameter) piece, printed in two colors on newsprint-type paper. It was apparently used as an ad which was glued on walls and in stores. Often two of the pieces were adhered on opposite sides of round cardboard and strung under a circular fan in theaters. The wind from the fan would make it spin with Raymond showing on both sides.

The Great Raymond (1877-1948) performed his last show more than 50 years ago which makes this much older than that.

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Original Great Raymond Akron Program
Original Raymond Akron ProgramThis is a 6" x 9", four-page program for the "8th Return Engagement at the Akron Armory on March 2-3-4-5. Sponsored by the Victory Bowling Legion and Akron Bowling Association." No year is mentioned but it is probably around the 1930s or 1940s.

A brief bio is given of Maurice F. Raymond and The Raymond Show. There is also a listing of the many cities he appeared in during his seven world tours. The last two pages list the routines performed: "The Great Raymond in a Potpourri of Puzzling Prestidigitation," "Magical ‘Misses,’" "The Ladies Take Part," "The Chinese Ladder—of Wong Tow," Santa Claus Christmas Box," "Josephus," "Litzka with Her $10,000.00 Harps," "Raymond The Globe Trotting Fun Maker," "Séance Mystique," "A Trip To Spookville!," and "Metempsychosis." The program concludes with a notice: "Keep This Program Three Days For GOOD LUCK!"

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Original Great Raymond Shorewood Program
Original Raymond Shorewood ProgamA two page program printed on one side of a 9.5" x 12" piece of coated paper folded in half. No date is given for the shows but they are presented by "The Shorewood Cooperative Club."

The program lists the following routines/acts: "Litzka," "The Great Raymond in a Potpourri of Puzzling Prestidigitation," "A Practical Problem—How To Reduce The Cost Of Living," "Humpty Dumpty's Dream," "Raymond The Globe Trotting Fun Maker," "Séance Mystique," "A Trip To Spookville!," and "Metempsychosis." The show is also accompanied by Piano player R. L. Scholz who does two sets.


Original Great Raymond Flyer
Original Great Raymond FlyerThis is a 5x7 inch, two sided flyer used to promote The Raymond Show at the Sunnyside Gardens in Long Island City, NY every Sunday and Monday starting May 4, 1947. Admission $1.00 and $1.50.

The flyer states: The Great Raymond: The Master Mind Of Magic. The man who puzzled Thomas Edison. Also Litzka, famous harpiste and magicienne. On the back of the flyer is promo material describing Raymond's world travels and accomplishments.


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